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As it turns out, the semi synthetic testosterone has less 13C than the testosterone made in the body. The amounts of these carbon isotopes are measured using a method called Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS). A urine sample that is low in 13C, compared to a standard of endogenous testosterone indicates doping. n95 mask Venus […]

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We carried out a first study to (i) assess the effectiveness of the selected metaphors in inducing target emotions, and (ii) identify relevant psycho physiological markers of the emotional experience generated by the labyrinth. Results showed that the Emotional Labyrinth is overall a pleasant experience in which the proposed procedural content generation can induce distinctive […]

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Okay, I have a boyfriend, and he’s like, okay and all, I mean, he breaks our plans sometimes and it pisses me off. So. I ended up falling for this other guy, and he’s like amazing, like the total opposite of my current b/f. New Listing V AccordionThe FR1 is the basic electronic accordion, this […]

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Additional observational signatures of this process are discussed. Essentially all jet models invoke reconnection between regions of locally closed and locally open field as the jet generation mechanism. Therefore side effects of steroids, we suggest that this repeated tearing process should occur at the separatrix surface between the two flux systems in all jets. steroids […]